Germany considering export insurance for new quake-vulnerable Brazilian nuke

Despite Fukushima the German government intends to use tax funds to secure the construction of a Brazilian nuclear power station in the middle of an earthquake area. The Campact online action organization is calling on people to protest against the imminent decision. Weiterlesen

Estimated 250,000 in „biggest ever“ anti-nuclear protests in Germany

More than 200,000 people took part in anti-nuclear protests in Germany on Saturday on the eve of state elections where criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s nuclear policies has already given her opposition the edge. Organisers called it the biggest anti-nuclear demonstration Germany has seen, with police estimating 100,000 turned out in Berlin alone. Hamburg, Munich and Cologne also saw big rallies. Protesters called for all of Germany’s 17 nuclear power plants to be shut down in the light in the nuclear breakdown in Japan. Weiterlesen

Nuclear waste wasting billions of German taxpayers’ euros

A cash-strapped German state will fork out billions of taxpayers’ euros to deal with nuclear waste produced by an industry two out of three Germans want axed. Weiterlesen

Nuclear waste train ran 934 km through Germany

A train has just carted 56 tonnes of highly radioactive nuclear waste, including 16½ kilograms of plutonium, 934 kilometres from a recycling plant in southwest to a storage hall in northeast Germany. Depending on the kind of isotope, less than 10 kilograms of plutonium is needed for an atom bomb. Activists who tried to stop the train near its destination in the Baltic Sea resort of Lubmin had teeth bashed out, lips split, noses bloodied, were bruised and randomly pepper-sprayed by some of the 7,000 police assigned to ensure the consignment went through. A young woman needed hospital treatment. Weiterlesen

Solidaritäts-Aktion „nirgendwo“